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Welcome to Ishani Fiberglass Repair

Quality You Deserve

At Ishani Fiberglass Repair, your satisfaction is our main priority. Since our business started, quality has been our focus. By working with the best materials in the industry and over 25 years of experience in our field, we are able to deliver solid and long lasting solutions for everyone.

Our Services

At Ishani Fiberglass Repair, we are here to fulfill all of your fiberglass repair needs. With over 25 years of experience, we have perfected our craftsmanship. We strive to provide the best services and keep our clients 100% satisfied. We come to you at your convince and create a neat working environment, get things done quickly yet effectively and leave the working area spotless.  We provide services ranging from fiberglass repair of boats, jet skis, bathtubs, RVs, trucks, surfboards, etc, along with applying gel coats to make your products look just as elegant as they were before the damage. We also create fiberglass molds as well as fiberglass products for all of our client's needs. 

Mold Creation


Fiberglass Repair


Product Creation


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Thank you! 


We are committed to all of our clients, and look forward to working with you. Give us a call today for a Free Estimate and 10% off your entire purchase or fill out the form to have us contact you.

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